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how to use ftp client with your web hosting account

Tutorial to use FTP Client, CoreFTP with your web hosting account.

In this ftp tutorial we will assume that you own the domain ‘’ and your FTP username is ‘’.

Follow these steps to complete the ftp tutorial:

1. Get ftp client from CoreFTP website:
2. Once you install CoreFTP, open it up. You should now see the ‘Site Manager’. Your screen should look like this:

FTP Site Manager

This is the screen where you enter your web hosting account information.

[Note: This is just an example, not your actual username and password.]

  • Site Name: yourdomain
  • Host / IP:
  • User Name:
  • Password: yourftppassword
  • If you are behind a firewall, enable Passvie Mode, by checking the ‘PASV Transfers’ checkbox.

To connect to the server, click on the ‘Connect’ button. And you are done.

Once the FTP program makes a successful connection, the left pane will show files/folders on your computer, the right pane will shows files/folders on the FTP site / remote web server.

Where, in which folder to upload your website files?

On Linux server /cPanel Hosting account, you will be able to see ‘public_html’ or ‘www’ folder in the right view.
On Windows server /DotNetPanel Hosting account, it will be ‘wwwroot’ folder.

Please note that index.html or index.htm or default.html or index.php or index.asp [windows only] file acts as your homepage. Whenever a visitor types in UnicHost Web Server will look for one of the file first and will load homepage of your website.

Facing FTP connection problems?

1. If you just obtained your web hosting account at UnicHost then your domain may not be ready to start using our service. So, in this case, instead of using your domain in the ‘Host or URL’ box you should use the IP address given to you in your welcome e-mail.
2. It may be that you are behind a firewall and/or router and need to use passive FTP. Check step 2 to see how to enable passive FTP.

Once the FTP program makes a connection, you will be able to see/browse files and folders in the right view.

Any further help, we are there for you. Call us or open a support ticket at support [at]