About UnicHost

What Others Promise, We Serve at UnicHost

UnicHost is a professional web hosting company operating from India. UnicHost offers Domain Registration, cPanel Hosting, Website Designing and Management, Private Server Hosting, Fully managed dedicated server hosting and online marketing.

UnicHost Web Services started it’s business operations from Nashik (3 hrs run from Mumbai) as a small business entity. Now it has grown to such an extent that it is serving a large client base with datacenters in Mumbai(India) Chicago(US) as well as in Maidenhead(UK). We have always focused ourselves to our vision – ‘To provide a fully satisfied customer experience to each hosting client’. To make this come true, every personnel of UnicHost’s technical support and customer service team goes through an orientation, where they learn ‘how to serve’ and ‘how to maintain serving attitude’.

Hosting industry is growing rapidly. You will get to hear lots of promises in terms of uptime, reliability blah blah blah. All these, however, are easier said that done. Understanding the nuances of the complex world of webhosting together with applying it asks for the right people at right time to be there and the requisite infrastructure. UnicHost is always in pursuance of delivering quality service to each customer hosted with us.

UnicHost is operating from Nashik, India and now looking for strategic partners to open it’s branch offices in various other parts of INDIA, USA and UK as well. With a skilled staff working full time, personal attention will never be in short service with us. We have dedicated technical support team to take care of all the hosting products. Our customer service is available 24×7.

UnicHost pays utmost attention to after-sales services. This has tremendously helped us to grow worldwide and also to understand the basic and day to day needs of our esteem customers. It has always been our motto where concentration is not just on increasing the client base, but also to provide quality service and take care of our customers unconditionally. Result? You can see where we have reached now.

We are greatful to thoes who have helped us reach this pedestal. Our ambition is to be the cent percent perfect hosting company, is the ultimate motivation for us to move forward.