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How to point multiple domain names to my existing website?

Do you allow to point multiple domain names to my existing website?

Yes, this is also called as domain parking. We can point multiple domains for you to your existing website. For this you will need to submit your request through support help desk. These domains must point to your main website.

If you are looking to host another website under the same hosting package, please get in touch with our sales team. We do offer generous multiple domain hosting discounts to host multiple websites under single account. (Usually you won’t get this facility with other hosts.)

[Note: You will be sharing existing resources for all the websites you add under the existing hosting account. There won’t be a separate control panel for each website.]

Domain Name Transfer Web-Hosting

Want to buy a hosting plan but don’t want to transfer my domain name?

That’s absolutely fine.

You do not have to transfer your existing domain name to UnicHost to host with us. You can change your primary and secondary domain name servers on your own schedule as we won’t be able to provide any help with any DNS Hosting setup or domain settings with your registrar.

You might want to know: What will you get if you trasfer the domain. Below are the exclusive services offered with every domain registered at UnicHost.

* Free Email Account:
Send and recieve emails with your own 500 MB personalized email account. You get 15 Free Email Account(s). You also get FREE fraud, spam and virus protection.

* Unlimited Mail Forwards:
Create email forwards that redirect to existing email accounts.

* Domain Theft Protection:
Lock your domain name, so that your domain is not transferred out accidentally or without your permission.

* Bulk Tools:
Register, Renew, Transfer and make other changes to multiple Domain Names in a single step

* Domain Forwarding:
Automatically forward people to whatever website you want, when they type your domain name into a browser (with / without domain masking & SEO)

* DNS Management:
Manage your DNS records, website location, email, sub-domains, aliases, FTP and more.

* Privacy Protect:
Protect your personal information being displayed at WHOIS to safeguard you from spammers, data harvesters etc.

* Easy to use Domain Control Panel:
Manage your domain name, renew your domain name, buy more services or domain names using our intuitive control panel [Domain control panel and hosting control panel both has different features and functionality].

* Dedicated Support:
Our 24×7 Support is proactive in resolving queries. You can get in touch with us either through IM, phone or email.