Bandwidth Web-Hosting

Why dont you provide unlimited bandwidth and unlimited web-space plans

Do you provide an unlimited data transfer and unlimited web-space hosting package?

No, we do not provide unlimited hosting packages as there is no such ‘unlimited’ thing exists. In order to ensure high quality bandwidth and uptime to our respected customers we don’t allow anyone to be hosted on our web server to use unlimited bandwidth, data-transfer / throughput.

There are some hosting provider exists that offer free hosting or offer “unlimited bandwidth” and “unlimited web-space” plans. But after reading their acceptable use policies you will find that no site is allowed to use an “excessive” amount of resources. If you use too much resources, whether it is disk-space, bandwidth or CPU time, these “unlimited” hosts will ask you to upgrade or leave or will suspend your website.

We don’t give false promises.

Bandwidth Web-Hosting

How to calculate bandwidth requirement for website?

How much bandwidth required for website?

You would be able to calculate bandwidth, also called as data transfer or network traffic, at your own with the given formula. Consider 1GB of bandwidth as 100,000 hits. One unique visit consumes around 100KB of bandwidth on an average. An average customer with a basic website uses around 2GB to 5GB of bandwidth per month.

Where do I view the bandwidth usage report?

Your bandwidth usage will be reset back to zero every month. You would be able to see the bandwidth usage for your site from control panel. It shows the current month’s bandwidth usage as well as your total bandwidth usage. This will include all HTTP (web) and POP (mail) bandwidth usage including FTP bandwidth usage.

Bandwidth Transfer Web-Hosting

How to transfer WebSite to Unic-Host

Transferring Website from existing Host

Transferring from other hosting companies to can be easy if you follow the right steps. We’ve created an easy-to-follow, suggested checklist for you to transfer your website to UnicHost. If you need any additional guidance, or have any questions about the transfer process, please contact our Customer Service Team.

1. Sign up for hosting with UnicHost
You can sign up via this website by clicking on any of the hosting package suitable for your business. It will take less than an hour [after payment confirmation] to get your plan  set up on our network.

2. UnicHost will email you once your plan is provisioned on our servers
You’ll receive a “Web Site Ready” and “Getting Started” email from us about an hour after you order confirmation. These emails will provide you with your static IP address, DNS information, account summary, and links to our Knowledge Base with helpful information to get your website up and running.

3. Upload your website files, transfer your database, and create your email addresses
Upload your website files to the IP address we provided, transfer your database, and create your email addresses from within our Web Control Panel. Afterward, you can test your website by typing in your IP address into any Internet browser to be sure everything works prior to pointing your domain to our network.

4. Update your domain’s DNS settings
Once your website is tested and is operating per your expectations, contact your domain name registrar and change your DNS settings to UnicHost. Your registrar is the company you purchased your domain name from (e.g. eNom, Register, GoDaddy, etc.), and you should be able to log into your domain management tool online. From here, you’ll replace your existing primary and secondary name servers with the ones we provided you in the Web Site Ready email. This change will take about 24 to 72 hours to propagate and update throughout the internet.

5. Wait for your domain to propagate (approximately 24-72 hours)
While your domain propagation is taking effect, you will basically have two websites available and active – one at your old host, and one on our servers. This will minimize any lost traffic and/or email. In order to receive mail from both locations, you will need two profiles in your email client – the one that is already drawing email from your old host and the new one drawing email from us. Alternatively, you can also simply use our web mail interface available in the Web Control Panel to get the email that is sent to our servers.

6. Cancel with your previous host
After the appropriate propagation time, you can go and cancel the hosting account you have at your previous host, as all of your website traffic and emails should now be coming to our servers.

7. Transfer your domain name (optional)
If you would like to transfer your domain and consolidate your registration and web hosting to one source,[it’s better to have everything under one roof from the management perspective] you can utilize the Domain Registration Admin tool in the DNS section of the Web Control Panel. The domain transfer itself costs NOTHING; we simply add one year of registration onto the expiration date for Rs.495/- [$9.95] (we utilize eNom/DirectI as our registrar). After that, you will be able to renew your domain name with a click of a mouse in the Web Control Panel at the same great price.